• Variations on the Imago Dialogue.

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    These videos introduce the therapist to a range of variations on the dialogue that are taught in the Imago Clinical training, including the Parent-Child Dialogue, the Behaviour Change Request Dialogue and the Relationship Vision. It also includes a demonstration of an initial interview with a co...

  • An introduction to the Imago Dialogue

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    These videos show the therapist the basic Imago Dialogue process illustrating the steps of mirroring, validating and empathizing as well as demonstrating some of the tools for deepening the dialogue from content to affect.

  • Sophie Slade Trainings

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    A collection of videos that detail the fundamentals of Imago Relationship Therapy, which helps couples connect and communicate with each other so that they can work through the issues that get in the way of them realizing the potential for joy that they tasted early in their relationship.