An introduction to the Imago Dialogue

An introduction to the Imago Dialogue

These videos show the therapist the basic Imago Dialogue process illustrating the steps of mirroring, validating and empathizing as well as demonstrating some of the tools for deepening the dialogue from content to affect.

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An introduction to the Imago Dialogue

4 Videos

  • 1. General Introduction

    Dr. Sophie Slade, Imago therapist, workshop presenter and senior clinical instructor introduces this series of videos which demonstrate all but two of the Imago dialogue processes that are taught in the Imago Clinical Training.

  • 3. Mirroring

    The first step in the Imago dialogue is mirroring.  Mirroring is where the Receiver listens and then repeats what the Sender has said without distorting, interpreting or adding.

  • 5. The Appreciation Dialogue

    A simple yet powerful dialogue that helps create a positive relationship environment within which to do the challenging task of working through conflict.

  • 2. Isabelle & Catherine Introduction

    An Introduction to Isabelle & Catherine