Watch 10. Wendy and Patrice Introduction

Watch 10. Wendy and Patrice Introduction

10. Wendy and Patrice Introduction

Sophie Slade Trainings – 1m 12s

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  • 11. Relationship Vision Exercise

    This process invites each partner to share the picture of the relationship they really want to have with each other.  The couple is then asked to weave these elements together into a shared vision.  This shared vision becomes their intention for their relationship.

  • 12. Caring Behaviours Dialogue

    This wonderful dialogue can be introduced out of the material a couple has been working on, or as a way of amplifying the positive energy in their relationship. 

  • 14. Positive Parent Child Dialogue

    This dialogue is a regressive process that takes the Sender back into their childhood and connects them in a visceral way to their positive experiences.  Among its many benefits is to help partners to deepen empathetic understanding and connection.