Watch 11. Relationship Vision Exercise

Watch 11. Relationship Vision Exercise

11. Relationship Vision Exercise

Sophie Slade Trainings – 22m

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  • 12. Caring Behaviours Dialogue

    This wonderful dialogue can be introduced out of the material a couple has been working on, or as a way of amplifying the positive energy in their relationship. 

  • 14. Positive Parent Child Dialogue

    This dialogue is a regressive process that takes the Sender back into their childhood and connects them in a visceral way to their positive experiences.  Among its many benefits is to help partners to deepen empathetic understanding and connection.

  • 15. Behaviour Change Request Dialogue

    An "advanced" Imago dialogue that is designed to help couples move from the energy of a frustration to the specifics of healing and growth.  Through this dialogue a frustration can become a gift for both the sender and the receiver.